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Sample of a dungeon loot table

Loot Drops

Upon successful completion of dungeon runs, Raiders are rewarded with loot. Each item is fitted with different stats according to its item level, rarity, and weapon type. Within each category, gear has a chance to roll high or low within certain thresholds, keeping players active in the grind for better gear.


Every piece of gear receives its own level dependent on the recommended dungeon level it was found in.
The item level (iLvl) determines the amount of stats it is given (in conjunction with rarity). For example, an item with an iLvl of 12 will receive more stats than an item with iLvl 10.

Item Stats

Every weapon and armor has its own combination of two primary stats allocated depending on the gear. For example, a standard axe will have both AGI and STR stats but not INT.
Each individual weapon has a randomly selected preferred stat between its two primary stats, and weights that stat higher than the other.
Secondary stats are given to each weapon completely at random. Every weapon has a chance to roll a third or fourth stat between CHR, LUK, and WIS.


The final consideration for a weapon or armor’s stat allocation is the rarity of the loot.
The rarity table is:
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
Loot of higher rarity increases the total stats of an item. Thus, items of higher rarity are more likely to be stronger.


Runes are a secondary gear type that allow Raiders to cast magical spells in combat as a part of their action phase. Every combat dungeon has a chance to drop runes.


Endless Dungeon drops unique loot based on the amount of points a Raider scores before being defeated or running away. The more points you score, the higher ilvl and rarity of Jewelry you discover. Each piece of jewelry has stats that correspond to its type. Currently, only Bands and Pendants are dropping in Endless Dungeon. Bands have a primary stat and two additional stats that may be either primary or secondary, while Pendants have a combination of two primary stats.