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Abilities are powerful moves equipped by Raiders that deal devastating attacks to enemies, provide defensive cover, or additional combat utility.
All abilities are equippable, and you can change the abilities you use as often as you want. You're restricted to only accessing a certain number of abilities in a fight based on your level.
You can use abilities as often as possible before running out of energy. Energy is generated by attacking the enemy player, with more being generated for a successful hit.

Ability Types

Draining Strike
Battle Cry
Magic Missiles
Magic Armor
Sharp Eyes

Ability Descriptions

Draining Strike - Garner all focus for a guaranteed hit on target with bonus damage and reducing your enemy's energy production.
Magic Missiles - Channel a deep, explosive magic over three hits, each with subsequently decreasing hit rate and increasing in damage.
Counterattack - Watch your enemy's every move in preparation for their attack to hit, and counter at the last second, resisting damage and dealing a percentage received to the enemy in return.
Brace - Years of being battered ceaselessly has prepared you for impact. Brace yourself to take less damage for up to two turns. Getting his while active restores energy and removes the buff.
Magic Armor - Imbue your gear with magical energy for an additional shield. This armor decays over time, losing some of the armor gained each turn.
Sneak - Slinking in the shadows increases evade with an added crit rate until you are hit. With each passing turn, evade decreases and crit rate increases until hit.
Battle Cry - An ancestral battle cry meant to intimidate, shouting out in battle will turn the tides of war by lowering enemy damage resistance for three turns.
Enchant - Endow your weapon with magical abilities that increase the target's basic attack.
Sharp Eyes - Overcome your prety with the eye of the predator, increasing critical hit damage for the next two critical hits.