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Enter Airium, the world of Crypto Raiders, as players raid dungeons, earn gear, and level up.
The Endless Dungeon

Player vs. Environment

Players choose which dungeon to have their Raider run based on level and gear availability. The Raider walks through the dungeon and, ultimately, encounters a MOB. Players must fight the MOB to earn their reward at the end, including gear and XP to level up.
Currently, players can only play solo, and their Raiders auto-run through the dungeon before the player controls the Raider in the turn-based battle scene.

Endless Dungeon

While normal dungeon runs reset weekly, one Endless Dungeon run per Raider is available daily. Raiders fight MOB after MOB until the Raider is finally defeated to earn Endless Dungeon-specific loot.
A global leaderboard and other features will be available as the Endless Dungeon gameplay is upgraded.

Resets and Keys

For the standard story-mode dungeons, Raiders are given five free dungeon runs per week at 00:00 CST on Wednesdays. Endless Dungeon runs are updated daily at 00:00 CST, and Raiders are given one free run each.
Players who wish to continue beyond those free runs are able to spend Keys to continue running dungeons with a Raider who is out of free runs.
Dungeons require different amounts of Keys dependent on the level of the dungeon.


One incentive to Crypto Raiders is the optionality of permadeath. Once the mode is released, players will have the ability to earn greater rewards at the expense of losing their Raider if it dies. Players will ALWAYS be able to choose–permadeath will not be forced on all players.
This will additionally assist in balancing the supply of Raiders and keeping the economy in a healthy balance in reward supply.