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The Duels system is the Crypto Raiders PvP mode where players can fight their friends and foes in the arena and compete for $AURUM in tournaments and seasons.
The system provides players immediate access to testing builds and earning $AURUM rewards for the top placers in Duels Tournaments.


With several formats cycled throughout the week and month, Duels Tournaments occur daily and allow for all varieties of players to compete for $AURUM prizes.
Normal Duels - Top-tier Raiders show off their best and rarest gear in these single-elimination tournaments, earning points throughout the month to compete in a monthly invitational tournament with an even bigger prize pool.
Limited Duels - Raiders are limited to a maximum level, maximum gear rarity, or both in these Duels, allowing even the newest of players to compete.
Endless Dungeon Runs - Earning points for each MOB they kill weighted by its strength, players see how far they can go and see who can earn the most points.
Power Leveling - Participants start with a Raider with 0 XP and a fixed number of keys, grinding for gear until the ultimate showdown at the end.
Guild vs. Guild - Guildmates gather in teams of four to compete in various Duels formats to see which Guild rises to the top.

Planned Duels Updates

  • Leaderboards
  • Season Passes
  • MMR based matchmaking
  • Other QoL updates and Tournament-format updates